Frequently asked questions about radiofrequency ablation (RFA)

I have a thyroid nodule - what do I do now?

First of all, it should be ruled out that it is a malignant lump. Benign nodules do not necessarily need to be treated. As soon as you suffer from symptoms that require treatment, it makes sense to think about a radiofrequency ablation.

How does a radiofrequency ablation work?

Energy through radiofrequency is used to precisely heat the thyroid nodule. The tissue that is thermally deactivated in this way is broken down by the body on its own in the weeks and months after the treatment.

Is the procedure associated with pain?

There might be a little pain for a short period of time during the thermal ablation, which may radiate to the jaw. No painkillers are required after the RFA.

What result can I expect?

The symptoms caused by the lump will decrease as a result of the thermoablation. The volume of the nodule is reduced by about 50% during the first three months after treatment. The remaining thyroid tissue remains functional and there is usually no need to take thyroid hormones. There is usually no scar left behind.

Can there be complications with the treatment?

There is a very small chance of complications. Bruising may occur. In exceptional cases, temporary hoarseness or infection may occur. The risk of scarring is minimal.

What do I need to be aware of after the procedure?

You should avoid heavy physical exertion in the days following the treatment. You should also refrain from hyperextending your neck for the first few days after RFA to help the healing process. Beyond that, your normal daily routine is not restricted.

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